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Color Me to Sleep

Humans are fundamentally good despite the effort they put in trying to convince you otherwise. Welcome to the southwest corner of my mind. I suggest you bring some tea.


yaas gurl spill that truth tea


Harry Potter Potion Flasks

Disguise your liquor as potions. Perhaps drinking makes you lucky. Or truthful. Or an entirely different-looking person. Sold on Etsy.


narglepunter is a complete and total babe, and I’m so crazy glad we’re friends :) 

YOU’RE A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER AND I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. Seriously, Jess is amazingly babe-tastic and I’m so happy to know you.


Really interesting article about Ed in British GQ. Someone asked me the other day what Ed’s personality is like, and I think articles like this get a little closer to showing who he is than the kind of stuff we normally see. Read the whole thing [right here]. 


Taylor Swift featured in Esquire magazine (HQ scans here)

This conversation was a joy and I’m so happy about how the article turned out.

Harry reminded himself that Lily had intervened; his mother had been decent, yet the memory of the look on her face as she had shouted at James disturbed him quite as much as anything else. She had clearly loathed James and Harry simply couldn’t understand how they could have ended up married. Once or twice he even wondered whether James had forced her into it… For nearly five years the thought of his father had been a source of comfort, of inspiration. Whenever someone had told him he was like James he had glowed with pride inside. And now… now he felt cold and miserable at the thought of him.


Her strength, her passionate will
I admire in awe

11.14 BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2010

11.14 BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2010